Welcome to Z-Edge

Z-edge is a counselling firm located in Nagpur that pledges to provide a guiding light to our esteemed clients.  We comprise of a team of certified professionals that conduct a series of internationally acclaimed tests to discovers one’s self worth, creating more awareness. We  also provide services involving astrological counselling, unraveling how your stars align. Unlock your true potential and thrive under the guidance of stalwarts of the counselling domain. We don’t define you, rather help you realize your own true potential.

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Counselling - It's good to talk!

Confused with career options?
Troubles in marriage or relationship?
Unsatisfied with your job?
Unable to share personal problems with anyone?

Say adios to your problems at Z- Edge! Experience counselling in a reformed and purely professional way. Call or visit now for a free pre-consultation talk!

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Who is it for?

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI

Which type are you?

Find out your personality type now!

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