Institutional Counselling

Did you know that the stress and unhealthy work place environment creates a dip in the performance of an employee and in the growth of the organization. At Z-Edge, we offer our best expertise to support and maintain an effective workforce. Institutional counselling or corporate counselling takes care of employee’s mental health and emotional well-being with a resulting increase in awareness and self-performance.


Institutional counselling includes strategy and planning from a business perspective keeping growth goals in mind. We work along with the team help them synchronise with the vision of the organisation so that each one is working towards a shared vision. This counselling helps in team structuring so that high performance teams are made using tools to assess employee strengths, and innate abilities. Corporate counselling helps allocating the right person to the job to increase productivity and job satisfaction thus building careers instead of just creating jobs. With this counselling conflict resolution within teams and at organisational level are sorted.


  • Any and every organisation specifically from mid to large size which focuses on enhancing productivity and employee growth.
  • Organisations including but not limited to corporate, educational institutions, business houses etc.


  • High level business strategy and vision definition
  • More cohesive and productive teams
  • Methods to handle and deal with conflicts
  • Ensuring each person is designated to the perfect role, thereby increasing job satisfaction, productivity and retention.
  • Improves motivation and confidence at workplace
  • Develops a flexible, empowered and an healthy workplace


NLU, a leading Law institute has asked us to play multifaceted roles for their teams, which would bring them together for addressing their issues, analyzing their career goals which would eventually help in academic growth, for the students. Our role involves, making them understand, through counseling, that their personal efforts have the power to bring a tremendous growth for themselves and in making their lives better, having a positive effect in the growth of the organization as well. Z-edge has conducted some talk sessions for the faculties wherein they could talk about professional goals, organizational environment, everyday challenges, job satisfaction and team work. Overall Z-edge offers the best expertise to support every personnel in helping them achieve their goals and build up their careers along with the organizational goals.

Z-edge has associations with IIT Home which is one of the leading coaching institutes, in India. Z-edge has provided Counseling sessions to the faculty as well as the students with respect to achieving excellence in their performance. IIT Home exam involves a lot of mental pressure for the students. Z- edge has tried to understand the student’s immense pressure for performing well. Counseling helps them to encourage and motivate their inner self. We work along with the team to help them visualize their goals (vision) in a much wider perspective. A sense of positivity and motivation is built up within the faculty and the students to shape up their career in a more precise way. This guidance supports personal and academic growth of each individual in attaining their maximum potential, by helping them identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests and intellectual abilities. Our role also includes appropriate professional development for all staff to maintain a quality program.

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