The way of counseling is good with the innovative approach.

Chaitanya Warhade
21 June 2017

Session was good. It helped me getting clarity about what should be done and that too according to my personality type.

Nikita Wagh
15 June 2017

Its amazing and I am fully satisfied.

Jagrit Yerne
12 June 2017

The counseling was good, got good idea of my personality and my fields of interest.

11 June 2017

Extremely helpful, helped me in choosing the right career option.

Anuja Mishra
10 June 2017

Personally it was very helpful to explore the dark side of me. You guys are fabulous in working things out.

Shardul Ghogle
06 June 2017

The counselors are very understanding and supportive. I feel the advices given for my career are perfect.

Sejal Thakkar
05 June 2017

They are good counselors. We had a satisfying time. She helped us a lot in figuring out things about which career to take.

Huma Ahmed
04 May 2017

Satisfactory, good, hopefully its helpful.

Darpan Yerne
27 April 2017

It was a good experience interacting with everyone there. Now I have a better vision ahead.

Bhavesh Arora
26 April 2017