Hoping for the best. The conversation with ma’am has helped me in being positive. Thanks!

Mrs Agrawal
23 August 2018

It was really a nice session got proper guidance regarding my problems and issues. I’m hoping that I will work more productively after this. The counsellor got connected with me exactly as I felt it should have. Thanks!

Nidhi Ramteke
23 August 2018

It has been a great experience. I finally now have a definite path and root. After the session, I feel happy more of energy and joy. Now I will definitely pursue the path which they have guided. Thanks to Renu Ma’am and everyone at Z-edge counselling.

Jai Kothari
16 August 2018

I came here for career counselling and you have helped me with it. So thanks, has been a good experience. I liked the complete process, the complete guidance was good and great experience overall.

Aditya Chalpe
7 August 2018
First time in my life I felt very comfortable with someone’s conversation. All the staff are so supportive. Mams are very good and caring. They have cleared and opened up my mind really. I’m thankful to Zedge staff.
Dhananjay Lanjewar
24 July 2018

All the problems were heard with proper concern, communicated well. Satisfying solutions were opted for every problem.

Yaminee Lilare
18 July 2018

I fell very motivated. I am feeling very satisfied. Able to take decisions in my life.

Gauri Tote
17 July 2018

Every Ma’am is very supportive and very understanding. They guide us very well and give us a right opinion for our career.

Ekta Kalra
22 June 2018

The sessions were really helpful. In first session they listened to my problems and told me where actually the problem is, where I am going wrong. I tried to work upon it. Got few good responses. On second session I was told how to deal with these problems. I am  looking forward some good response. Ma’am gave me extra time in both sessions. I am really thankful for her for that. I will definitely work on my mistakes and try to improve them.

20 June 2018

The session was good. Test was good and result was perfect.

Vanshika Wadyalkar
8 June 2018