Every Ma’am is very supportive and very understanding. They guide us very well and give us a right opinion for our career.

Ekta Kalra
22 June 2018

The sessions were really helpful. In first session they listened to my problems and told me where actually the problem is, where I am going wrong. I tried to work upon it. Got few good responses. On second session I was told how to deal with these problems. I am  looking forward some good response. Ma’am gave me extra time in both sessions. I am really thankful for her for that. I will definitely work on my mistakes and try to improve them.

20 June 2018

The session was good. Test was good and result was perfect.

Vanshika Wadyalkar
8 June 2018

I loved coming to Z- Edge. I hope this decision helps me in future. Ma`am is really sweet. I liked talking to her a lot.

Akansha Inani
6 June 2018

I had a great time clearing out my doubts and interacting with everyone.

Kush Mehra
10 May 2018

It is a nice place to know yourself to know your passion.

Yatharth Reddy
19 April 2018

Got a clearer mindset after consulting to the counselor looking forward to attend more counseling sessions here in case I face any sort of confusion regarding my career.

Devyani Chouhan
24 April 2018

It was a great experience they helped me to find my career and clear my thoughts.

Mukund Goenka
14 November 2017

It was a satisfactory session where in I got to know what is something I can do the best.

Dipasha Khadse
17 October 2017

Very Nice. We are satisfied by the counseling done by Mrs. Daga ma`am.

Ajay Lambat
28 August 2017